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Take back control of your RRSP with these three easy steps

For any Canadian, who hopes to retire with a secure financial future, it pays to track your saving vehicles to maximize them. For instance, if you have an RRSP, then take the time needed to understand it, and specifically to pay attention to what your money is being invested in. You should understand how much [...]

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Can I put my mortgage in my RRSP and other burning questions as the deadline looms

With the deadline looming, here are some ways (including a lessor known one) how RRSPs can benefit you and help you decide to contribute. First, the well-known benefit of an RRSP is to provide a completely tax-free rate of return on your net contribution. And unless you're in the lowest tax bracket, it also means [...]

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If You Sold Or Used Bitcoin Last Year, You Owe Money To CRA

Bitcoin buyers beware. While owning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is not a taxable act, using the digital currency to purchase goods and services may be. While not considered legal tender per se, Bitcoin once exchanged for another item, via a sales transaction, is viewed as a commodity. If you were fortunate enough to acquire the digital [...]

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When two people are on the title to a condo, who pays capital gains?

When Kurt purchased a condo, his father co-signed for the mortgage. Now that he wants to sell the condo and his dad is on the title, he wants to know who will be subject to the capital gains tax? The answer is that regardless of who is the named owner of a piece of property, [...]

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Tempted to cheat on your taxes and play the ‘audit lottery’? These two cases should dissuade you

It may be tempting to cheat on your taxes, but it’s not a good idea. While the Canadian and U.S. tax systems are largely based on self-reporting, risking an audit by burying questionable expenses or under-reporting income can land you in hot water. For example, a businessman from Calgary paid his wife $12,000 for administrative [...]

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What You Need For a Business Loan in Alberta

Before you can get a cheque cut from a bank or other financial institution for your business, the lending institution is going to want some information. Often businesses assume that all they need is to fill-out a simple loan application and can find themselves caught off guard by what is required. While every financial institution [...]

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How companies use giving to create social and business benefits

Recent surveys reveal companies hoping to keep their younger employees engaged with the business should look to charitable concerns for that motivation. Over three quarters of millennial workers look at the company's charity activity in social and environmental areas before selecting a workplace, and two thirds of them will decline employment with companies that lack [...]

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